At EnviroBid℠ we offer organic feedstock as well as biobased and recycled raw material options to reduce your carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. As the consumer consumption continues to grow, finding environmentally sound solutions for raw materials is paramount. As an example, across the globe only 9% of plastics are successfully recycled into new material. What is happening with the rest of our waste? By utilizing post-consumer materials such as plastics, glass, composites or rubber in your products, you can reduce your carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

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At EnviroBid℠ we believe there is intrinsic value in buying sustainable raw materials. Growing environmental concern from consumers is driving the trend to reduce the commercial carbon footprint on the Earth. To reduce CO2 emissions and meet the demands of the consumer market, the origin of commercial products must be addressed.

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Additives can be incorporated into products for a variety of functions. We offer three categories of additives. They are offsets, material enhancers, and antimicrobial additives. Offset additives, when incorporated into a product; reduce your base material usage while reducing costs. These high quality additives also help reduce carbon emissions as they often cut down on fossil based material usage. At EnviroBid℠ we offer traditional and natural offset materials. Natural offset additives are derived from biological or renewable resources and are made from materials traditionally seen as waste streams.

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Accessible and affordable environmental technologies are the future of a happy, healthy and sustainable planet. By connecting with other like-minded professionals across various industries, we bring the latest and most innovative technologies to the forefront of the marketplace.

“Clean” and “Green” are becoming synonymous with profitability and success. At EnviroBid℠, we showcase and offer the best available sustainability technologies and services. Our international network experienced industry specialists provides us access to numerous biobased, compostable and biodegradable resources.

In addition, we provide access to a conglomerate of recycling professionals, repurposing what was once considered waste. We continually succeed in the transformation of waste streams into profitable revenue streams by taking waste and turning it into gold!

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The Green Chemistry Initiative was founded in September of 2012 at the University of Toronto to educate others on the principles and merits of green chemistry.

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